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Health and Safety

Part of the Risk Management department, supporting 5,000 staff operating from over 300 sites.

About our health and safety

BCHC Health and Safety is part of the wider Risk Management department and is run by health and safety manager Emunene-Kelvin Igodo. There are approximately 4,900 to 5,100 staff in the trust,  operating from over 300 sites across Birmingham and the wider West Midlands.  With an estimated 2,500 patient interactions each day, this equates to just over 912,000 transactions within the community annually.


There are  five clinical divisions supported by a wide range of corporate services.  The trust's work is 80% community based so the highest risks the Trust faces relate to Lone Working, Violence and Aggression, and injuries linked to musco-skeletal, sharps and slips, trips and falls.


Whilst BCHC is considered to be a low-risk environment, the varied nature of Health and Safety issues are diverse, and the likelihood of injury is constantly evolving.


The Trust is continually looking at ways to improve and manage its systematic approach to enhance wellbeing in line with the principles of the Health and Safety Management System ISO 45001.


If you require any help on any Health and Safety matters please contact the Trust Health and Safety Manager.

Our patients and their carers and families are the reason we're here, so we want to hear your views about the Trust and our services.