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‘Fundraising force’ Linda boosts end-of-life extras

In a bid to fund much-needed extras for Willow House palliative care unit at West Heath Hospital, long-serving ward clerk and prolific fundraiser Linda Haskins (pictured far right) hosted a festive afternoon tea.

Linda has worked in different parts of the Trust since 2005, has raised thousands of pounds in the last 18 years - both for the BCHC Charity and other causes close to her heart.

For the last two years she has worked as a ward clerk on Willow House – and her passion to support the patients, loved ones and staff on the unit has driven her to continue her fundraising mission.

Linda said: “Working here is such a special, peaceful place, full of wonderfully caring staff. It’s my colleagues and the patients and relatives I meet that has ignited my passion for end-of-life care and motivated me to keep fundraising.

“My mum passed away two years ago and if I’d have known about this place then, I would have been very happy for her to spend her last days here.”

Thanks to Linda’s fundraising efforts, the Willow House team has big plans to make their garden accessible to all patients, as clinical team leader Sally Wright (pictured far left) explains:

“We’d love for all our patients – whether they are walking or bed-bound - to be able to enjoy our beautiful garden so plan to use the funds to install a large shelter, so that everyone can enjoy the outside space in all weathers, and those that are bed-bound can be wheeled into the garden, while still having some shelter or shade.”

The funds will also be used to buy several new reclining chairs which can be used for patients who don’t wish to sleep in a bed, and for relatives to be able to stay overnight more comfortably.

Linda’s latest event will be her penultimate fundraiser, as she plans to retire in March 2025 – and she will be greatly missed by the Willow House team.

Sally said: “Linda has been a fantastic support to all the team here – firstly in her role as ward clerk. She works part time but has come to our rescue many a time - often at a moment’s notice! She is so welcoming to the patients and relatives and gives everyone her time; we will miss her dearly.

“As far as fundraising is concerned, she is a real tour de force – she has organised some fantastic events - including a recent social club event with live entertainment which was a fabulous night! Since she's been with us she has raised close to £1,000 - we’re incredibly grateful for everything she’s done and I can’t praise her highly enough.”

For more information about how you can support the BCHC Charity, visit the Charity page on our website.

[Photo caption from left: Sally Wright, Clinical Team Leader; Marion Richardson, relatve; Vanisha Mistry from BCHC Charity; Gemima McGuiness, Enhanced Care Assistant and Linda Haskins, Wark Clerk.]


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